HD Virtual Tour Photography for Tapasya @ Marina ~ Hull

For 'EatStay360' I have the pleasure of not only photographing beautiful restaurants in 360 Virtual Tour Photography, for Google and my website, but also sampling the food, ambience and hospitality they also have to offer to their customers, and now seemed a great opportunity to do this in Hull, for Hull is now  The UK City of Culture 2017

Tapasya @ Marina is on the Hull Marina on Humber Dock Street.

'See inside' with the new 360 Virtual Tour.

Tapasya @ Marina is the second restaurant in Hull to be photographed for Google Maps in 360 HD photography, opened by partners Tapan Mahapatra and Mukesh Tirkoti, their first restaurant is on Beverley Road in Hull. Award Winning Chef Saurav Nath joined them too for the new venture, who proudly declares "It is my vision is to bring Michelin star dining to the City of Culture” [Yorkshire Food Guide]

The 360 photography highlights the restaurants beautiful interior, which is dressed in a warm, rich Asian pallet of colours, with dark wood furnishings and lots of natural light flooding in from the large windows, and 180 degree view over the Hull Marina. Old silent Bollywood movies play in black and white onto a white wall to add to the eastern atmosphere.


Culinary creativity

Tapasya @ Marina is an eastern delight for the eyes and the taste buds. Paul and I chose our meals from the evening menu

I opted for the Rara Ghost, Lamb, caramelised onion with Rajasthani spice, and Paul can never resist a Tikka Masala, so went for the Delhi Style with fenugeek and honey. We also had sides of Saag paneer and garlic bread. And to compliment the meal a glass of Dona Paula Estate Malbec.

Upstairs private dining at Tapasya @ Marina is very elegant. No money was spared in quality of the furnishings chosen for the fine dining restaurant.

Chef also offers a party menu


Paul and I were very impressed with our evening at Tapasya @ Marina, the service was professional, the staff attentive, even asking me if I was warm enough at one point (I was of course). The food was tasty, well presented and a little differently spiced from the usual Indian menus I have come accross. I highly recommend this as one of my favourite Indian restaurants.